Caliban through Time

As you have seen, the depictions of Caliban have grown to be more positive over time. He has grown from a clawed, misshapen character into one that has mostly human characteristics. At the very least, many of qualities are now actually possible for humans to possess. While this progress has been made, Caliban is still very clearly the other within the play. What should be taken from this?

What should be taken is that people do want some other that can be united against. For a long time that was the colonized peoples of the Americas and Africa. Since then it has been which ever group that has migrated en mass to any given country. This can be seen especially well given the political climate of 2017 and even before then with the refugee crisis brought on by the Syrian and Ukrainian Civil wars and the Arab Spring before that. It is possible, given this climate, that future depictions of Caliban could grow from a black or albino Caliban into a Caliban that exhibits more stereotypical Arab features. Even they were colonized by European powers at some point even as recently as the end of the Second World War so it would be unsurprising to see Caliban become a hero figure to Arab peoples as well as Caribbean peoples.


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